About Us

Make Ways Foundation is a registered Australian charity that seeks to enhance the health and wellbeing of young people across the globe.

By bringing communities together in meaningful, sustainable ways, we aim to provide opportunities in education, employment, health and wellbeing, and personal development for vulnerable youth and young people living in poverty.

Make Ways Foundation strives to create locally led, globally supported programs that offer the chance to connect and thrive.

Our mission is to make meaningful ways for vulnerable young people to thrive.

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We believe that good health is wealth.

- Wel bodi na gentri -

We believe that human connection is the driver, and the decider of positive and powerful relationships.

We pride ourself on building meaningful connections, listening to communities and working together towards an exciting and empowered future.

We invite you to join us.


How Can You Get Involved?


Done with your old sports gear?
We collect quality pre-loved sports shoes, clothing and equipment to pass on to people living in poverty.


Make your way to one of the many fundraising events we host throughout the year. Support an event by running. chatting, dancing, sharing or laughing!


All donations are currently directed to our flagship "Sierra Sport" programme. We are volunteer-run, so every dollar goes straight to this project.

Our History

Make Ways Foundation finds its roots in the family of our founder, Kat Cacavas.  Long before we registered as a charity, Kat’s aunty adopted three beautiful children from Africa, including twin boys from Sierra Leone.  This connection with West Africa took what was supposed to be a six week exploration of Sierra Leone, and turned it into three and half years spent working with various volunteer projects, journeying across the country and eventually finding employment in Freetown.  Though the Ebola Virus outbreak of 2013-2015 inevitably forced Kat to leave Sierra Leone, her connection with the country never waned, resulting in subsequent trips back and ongoing relationships.

During her time in Sierra Leone, Kat regularly engaged with local orphanages and young people in order to volunteer and offer support.  One afternoon, when thinking of an activity that could occupy a group of children for the next day, Kat made what she thought was a simple suggestion – that they all go for a run.  The next morning, dressed in her running gear, Kat met her young running mates only to discover that many of them did not have the basic equipment (i.e. appropriate shoes, socks or clothing) they needed to make their run a more comfortable experience.  Despite this, the excitement was palpable as their run commenced with big smiles and great enthusiasm.  From this simple experience, an idea was born.

Kat Cavacas, Make Ways Foundation founder dancing in Sierra Leone

On the 26th of May 2013, Kat prepared to run the Sierra Leone Marathon; and she wasn’t alone.  After months of campaigning to raise funds and collect donated goods, Kat was accompanied by twenty five children and carers from three different orphanages whose entry, transport, accommodation, clothing, shoes, food and drinks had all been funded by her campaign.  Between them they competed in every event, from the 5km up to the full marathon (42.2km).  The benefits to the health and wellbeing of each participant were obvious.  Not only did they now have everything they needed to train and compete, they also had a sense of purpose and were united in a common interest – running.  Since then, Kat has continued to support this group in making their way to the marathon each year.

After working to fundraise and collect donated goods with the help of friends and family for many years, Kat eventually decided that the time was right to make things official.  In early 2021, Make Ways Foundation was registered as an Australian charity with its sights set on enhancing the health and wellbeing of young people across the globe.  What started as a simple idea and desire to help others in need, has become a team of dedicated volunteers striving to make new and exciting ways for the foundation to continue Kat’s work.

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